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    My Twice Opinions (For Literally No Reason)

    1. The Story Begins is not only Twice's best album but one of the best kpop EPs ever 2. I like Momo's voice more than Sana's 3. Nayeon and Dahyun's visuals are underrated. 4. At least half the group has good solo potential. 5. The entire Summer Nights album... :welp: 6. JYP needs to let the...
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    Why You're Dumb For Not Following Kyla On Twitter

    She literally purifies your timeline with her loveliness :nekolove: Thanks for coming to my TedTalk everybody Anticipate Cherry Bullet
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    Rumor It's So Stupid It's Not Even Funny

    Rumors about SM Entertainment 1 Beware! When BoA went for auditions, Eric was coming out of SM founder Lee SooMan’s room with a bloodied lip and told her “Don’t come to a place like this..” 2 Hide! When Kim DongWan saw that ChangMin was running away from Lee SooMan, he told ChangMin to...
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    [OFFICIAL] MonCherry Spam Achievement Thread

    For Cherry Bullet's long awaited comeback Goals: At least 300 spam messages Fewer than 10 deleted/edited messages 10 spam threads 1 unique Cherry Bullet signature tag ✅ achieved May 7th Bonus Avoid reprimanding by staff People joining in on the meme Support Juseyo :sanapray:
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    Appreciation Tiffany Approves of Fanmade Logo

    I hope she actually uses it :sanapray:
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    FNC finally confirming what fans knew for about a month... Here's hoping I have an original CB tag by the time it comes @Riasama @Ineul_Ze @Hallybell
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    Teaser Eunjung Releases Covers For Debut Album

    Her EP will contain 4 songs and an instrumental, the lead track being titled "Desire" Desire will be released June 12th
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    Appreciation I Just Realized That

    We surpassed 10k threads Good job kps
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    Are KPS Users Scared...

    To have difficult/controversial convos on kpop matters? I love KPS and it's ability to be active without the mess but it does seem like sometimes we're afraid to criticize idols or say negative things that might offend. I think because of that lack of blunt honesty, we tend to get extra...
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    Appreciation The Good Thing About 6 Badges

    Since my competition (@kuroyuri ) has been obliterated by @Awards @Awards Lead tyranny, I have again risen to challenge the title of Aesthetics Bitch :queen: What do you think of the pink? I have a feeling I'll be keeping it for a while :yolk:
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    If You Could Make An Idol

    Only be styled from one Era, which would it be? Nothing will ever beat Knock Knock Chae imo So soft :nekolove:
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    Appreciation Journalistic Standards KPS Should Aim For

    ROOKIE was a diss track aimed at BlackPink? Breaking news. Several Blinks have just revealed after much research that Red Velvet's "Rookie" is actually a diss track aimed at rival girl group BlackPink. They speculate that if you read between the lines of the song and the video itself there...
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    Make A Kpop Group

    Made out of kps users users Leader: @blueberries Dedicated to the group but cockblocked from getting an acting career, or a man, because of it. Main Vocal: @notthatmarko More talented than your faves and makes sure you know it. Well-rounded: @Yolks talented at everything but acknowledged for...
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    11,800... (Thread title length must be at least 10 characters)

    That's how many more posts I need to get every member badge of the groups I stan. Rip :umjicry: