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  1. Exi

    How to Rejoin A Left Conversation

    Hey All! I was playing around with the forum's features and figured out how to re-join a conversation I'd already left and decided to make a tutorial thread about it. BTW: @Vikki gave me permission to post this Okay, let's start! --------------------- First, click on the mail icon. Clicking...
  2. Chaeee

    Do you have a private conversation with another KS user

    I do :rosesmug: @Anju obviously :mess: My wifey :llama_BLEED::queen: Does anyone else have one with another user?
  3. kuro

    longest conversation you've had?

    what's the longest convo you've had? @Jimimis :queen: also @Son Na Eun who has the longest convo? :seokeyes:
  4. Tiffany

    Announcement New Feature - Conversations improvements

    I've noticed most of our users use conversations a lot for private messages or collaborative groups, our conversation system has been revamped to provide additional features such as labels, last read date & shows the amount of people in the conversation on the list, i have also increased the...