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  1. perhapz

    Game Count to 10000 BY THREE

    Self-explanatory. It's a counting game, but you count by three. We win when we surpass the 10000 mark! If someone makes a mistake, you have to go back to the previous hundred. Example: Person A) 336 Person B) 339 Person C) 357 Person D) Oops, you missed! 300 Person E) 303 Let's go! 3
  2. perhapz

    Game Username Tug-O-War

    TOTAL SCORE (#)A-M - 0 N-Z - 1 When one of the teams reach 100/-100, one point will be added to the total score of that team and the game will restart from 0 (please, tag me when this happen and I'll fix the first post). It's basically a counting game, but if your name starts with: (#)A-M -...
  3. perhapz

    Game Count backwards from 10,000

    Self-explanatory. If someone makes a mistake, you have to go back to the ending 00 from before. Example: Person A) 5435 Person B) 5434 Person C) 5432 Person D) Oops, you missed! 5500 Person E) 5499 Person F) 5498 Let's go! 10,000