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  1. Purple_Jasmine

    Discussion does anyone has a idea for a sub-unit name?

    I wanted to create a new sub-unit consisting of Sakino and Candice from Pink Punch. I had an idea about the concept and I'd see a romantic/fairy tale concept. I thought about Dreamers but I don't know if that could work here.
  2. NeoSquare

    Rumor Dispatch and the New Years couple... What happened? What will happen?

    So I just woke up so I am still gathering all the info's and tea's spilled last night... :llama_tea: It is said that they might wait for the hype to be over to then drop it, or they might wait till the day ends If you're interested I suggest you follow this page as I'm working my way...
  3. vogue

    Performance Couple - Sechskies & Wanna One [THROWBACK]

    Just saying: JEKKI JJANG on another note: this performance is just lovely. Sechskies really don't age, couple is a classic bop, and the Wanna One members did such a good job.
  4. vogue

    Cover How Kangta finished all the fanwars

    Yes You are seeing it right. H.O.T's Kangta is singing Sechskies Couple. All fanwars are ended now. What a legend he is.