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  1. us8r

    the boy i like-

    ok so basically there is this boy that goes 2 my school, he is funny and nice so I got a little crush on him (BIG CRUSH BTW) and my friend asked him who his crush was and he said me- whattt? so I texted him and he gave me his number and he was like "imma tell you something at school, it's to...
  2. SojuPang

    Okay, so what do I do now?!

    I'll be as brief as possible: Guy at work. We'll call him 'J'. Work = 2 buildings on the same street- I work in building 1, he works in building 2 across the street One slow day, I go to building 2 to help ---> First encounter with J. I notice him, but he doesn't occupy my mind too much...