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cry me a quiver

  1. Darth_Felflame

    Discussion Do you know the feeling...

    The last week gave me 4 really good sad songs so i'm in a sad mood rn and i wanna talk about it (Spring Breeze, Loved, Beautiful Pain and I Hate You) You know the feeling where your listening to a song and your just like... this song is so god damn good I wish I could click a button and make...
  2. Darth_Felflame

    Discussion I thought this wasn't going to happen dammit

    I'm gonna be sad that Wanna One is disbanding, just like i was sad when JBJ disbanded and when i found out I.O.I wasn't a permanent group, and when UNB and UNI.T disband... AND I SAID I WOULDN'T STAN WANNA ONE! AND I DON'T! BUT THEY HAVE 3 SONGS I REALLY LIKE WHICH ALREADY MEANS I BASICALLY LOVE...