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  1. Exi

    News Cube Announces CLC’s Disbandment
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    News New LIGHTSUM Members Nayoung & Huiyeon

    @Girl Group
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    News New LIGHTSUM Members Chowon and Jian

    @Girl Group
  4. Darkseid

    News (G)I-dle Soojin to go on hiatus following bullying allegations, IDLE to continue as 5 for the time being

    They aren't outright admitting to bullying but there was some dispute, and the details are tough to confirm/deny. Regardless, it's def gotten to the point where Cube feels having her in the group for now would damage their image in the gp's eyes. We'll see how things develop. @Neverland
  5. Darkseid

    Appreciation A girl group title truly ahead of it's time.

    Alas, when it dropped, the Kpop world and fans at large weren't ready. Fast forward a few years, and this sound is everywhere- the moody aesthetic, the lyrical message, and of course the beat drop chorus. Something that's so common place and successful now found no takers back in 2016, and...
  6. JakeyWantsCakey

    News Cube co-founder and former JYP president Hong Seung Sung to debut girl group under his new label

    Hong Seung Sung, co-founder and former chairman of Cube Entertainment, will be launching a new girl group under his new label S2 Entertainment. The executive took to his personal social media accounts on September 21 KST to make the announcement, describing the trainees as "jewels with...
  7. Darkseid

    Appreciation What a fantastic day for comebacks!!! (CLC and A.C.E)

    Idk if this has ever happened before, but I don't remember the last time I got 2 legit MEGA BOPS ON THE SAME DAY :nakypog::pepeheart: In fact they're both so good, I think I just got both my GG and BG SOTY 2020 together :jisoosmh: Even if you don't agree with the SOTY statement lol, it's hard...
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser CLC - Helicopter Teaser Images

  9. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Can we discuss how (G)-IDLE might be the best girl group this gen?

    Obviously, this is very subjective and based purely off of my own opinion but I want you to REALLY think about it for a second, let the idea soak into your pores and you'll realise that I'm correct (as I am with most things). Here's my reasoning: 1) They've NEVER had a bad title track since...
  10. Darkseid

    MV Did Pentagon just release boy group SOTY?

    First I thought Black Swan wouldn't be topped by any boy group release this year, but Seventeen's Left & Right did it. But Pentagon came out swingin' for the fences and this might be my favorite boy group release this year, so good :sj_weary: The vocals and choreo, good lord :sj_weary: The...
  11. Darkseid

    News G)I-DLE announce their very own 2020 online concert, 'I-Land: Who Am I'

    Rookie girl group (G)I-DLE will be greeting viewers with their very own, 2020 online concert, 'I-Land: Who Am I'! Originally, the (G)I-DLE girls were expected to embark on their very first world tour, 'I-Land: Who Am I' from April through July of 2020. Unfortunately, due to the rise of the...
  12. maruberry

    Cover 4minute Crazy - 미쳐 Dance Cover by Pink fantasy

    Fuck I am SO HAPPY the pictures these 5 posted in these outfits was for this cover and not smth else I LOVE THIS
  13. JakeyWantsCakey

    News SMTM6's Jo Woo Chan Leaves Cube Entertainment

    Jo Woo Chan from Show Me The Money 6 has left Cube entertainment and has released a digital single called, 'ID schoolboy pt.1' containing two songs! For those of you who don't know, Woochan was known as the 'child rap prodigy' from SMTM6 and debuted in the temporary project group OG School...
  14. QueenGirlCrush

    Comeback G-IDLE + GFRIEND =.....

    A dead @QueenGirlCrush ! Seriously with G-idle coming back on the 26th and Gfriend on July 1st I think my stan heart has ceased beating. Joy killed me ya'll:pandaannoyed: :jisoosmh::pandalove::pandaomg:😍
  15. QueenGirlCrush


    THE FIRST VERSES I really liked the seductive whisper-esque singing in the beginning. Soyoen and Soojin pull it off effortlessly. It picks up at the right time and in the right way with Yuqi and Minnie. All parts and their tone go perfectly with the lyrics and scenes being expressed. I really...
  16. Darkseid

    Appreciation Jeon Soyeon- HBIC!!

    Remember this cute lil potato from Produce 101? Whatever became of her? From what I remember, despite delivering good performances, she got flak for being "ugly", not suited to be an "idol", and failed to debut with IOI. Poor girl had to bury her dreams. Only she didn't. And instead of...