1. NeoSquare

    Teaser D-CRUNCH - Pierrot MV Teaser

  2. colorfulteardrop

    I did met a few idolgroups

    I'm currently in Seoul and met a few idols the last couple of days. I did saw a practice of D-Crunch, Neonpunch and Dongkiz (I think it was them) Today D1CE has a fansign event in the COEX Mall. Not the idols I wish to see, but it is nice to see some of them.
  3. makestar

    News D-CRUNCH's comeback album coming! Be a supporter (200% reached on April 16!)

    A rookie boy band D-CRUNCH makes their comeback this year! Their music is so strong that it'll even crush diamonds (fyi that's the official meaning of the name D-CRUNCH) and this passionate boy group D-CRUNCH's new comeback album is on Makestar's crowdfunding project right now! Join the...