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daily naver

  1. VillageIdiot

    Netizens are criticizing an actress for dressing her 12yr old in "lingerie"

    Article: Park Yeon Su: "12yr old in lingerie?...ignorant and thoughtless women.." Source: Sports Seoul Netizens are criticizing actress Park Yeon Su for dressing her 12yr old in lingerie. The actress had posted a photo on Instagram of her 12 year old daughter Song Ji Ah on the 30th. But when...
  2. VillageIdiot

    #StopLyingYGE trends worldwide after reports that YG forced B.I to leave iKON

    Fans are trending #StopLyingYGE after a recent news report about YG Entertainment. According to an SBS reporter on the 30th, B.I did not leave YG and iKON on his own accord. She revealed, "I heard this from a member that B.I didn't leave iKON because he wanted to. Yang Hyun Suk had received a...