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  1. LoveYooShaSha

    MV Subin 'Eyes Like Snow' MV (Dal Shabet ex-member) • 달수빈(DALsooobin)-눈 닮은 눈(Eyes like snow)

    Subin (Dal Shabet ex-member) 'Eyes Like Snow' MV • 달수빈 (DALsooobin)-눈 닮은 눈(Eyes like snow) [MV] 달수빈(DALsooobin)-눈 닮은 눈(Eyes like snow) 2020.01.01 I quite liked her in Miss Back so its nice she has a solo cb, tho its quite buried. As it seems are all her most recent solo work. @Darling
  2. Darkseid

    MV DALSooobin- Dive

    My nugu queen has come back after her last megabop Katchup, with a very different style but just as good :sj_weary: I'm so happy this wasn't a ballad but still showcases her impressive vocals, love the arrangement :sanapray: Stan talent, stan Soobin and Dal Shabet :maheart: Last song: Katchup