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  1. Exi

    Appreciation Still One of the BEST Kpop Female Dancers

    Kahi is just so iconic , omgggg :shockedcover: :pandahappy: :shockedcover: :pandalove: #stan-after-school! :pandahappy:
  2. _Enid_Sinclair_

    Been doing the dance a lot (social distancing)

    Which is why I try to see it in a positive light with dancing, rather than being paranoid like hundreds of other people lol. Dancing around people just to shop though, what a world we live in 2020. I hope the months to come is more dancing and more positive reflection. Rather than being a fruit...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation IZ*ONE Chaeyeon's dancing is on the Momo-Lisa tier

    Before I was hesitating on where to put her... But these days I have seen enough of her dancing to say, she is on the same tier as those 2. I think Chaeyeon is a candidate for best female dancer in kpop!
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation IZ*ONE Chaeyeon deserves better [RANT]

    She really does. I mean I am so happy that she is even a member of IZ*ONE, but the amount of lines she gets is honestly laughable! God damn Hyewon and Minju get more lines than her! (I mean they are pretty ,but if we are talking vocal they don't even compete with Chaeyeon) She barely even steps...