dark theme

  1. leesooman

    so i joined the dark side

    i was always a loyal supporter of the light theme but dark is so much better. kps looks honestly better and its easy on the eyes. all hail the dark side!! :queen: everyone should try it at least once.
  2. blurryface

    tasteful and tasteless' anon

    Two of the greatest theme defenders have declared a temporary truce :jenniesmug: @mysteric and @blurryface light theme X dark theme https://forms.gle/WaQ2R5eRaHCGiZrp6
  3. kuro

    the DIFFERENCE my eyes holy-

    I went on light mode for two seconds and my eyes started watering and I had to blink 2x faster omfg it's BLINDING, the main page, and the text is so light- how do y'all read it? @mysteric @ReadMyFanfic2 @Hera @wayvoutsold @Mangoey @lexusuwu :pandaomg: :pandamad: @Jimimis
  4. Ryujin

    Announcement Dark Theme Now Available

    Its not an entirely new theme but just a dark version of our forum, if you would like to use it, there is 2 easy ways for you to switch. Stay tuned for more! Bottom of our website page Account Preference Page https://www.kpopsource.com/account/preferences