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  1. shika

    handsome and cute hyojong

    god he is the perfect combination of handsome and cute :pandalove: :pandalove:
  2. Myth

    HyunA and Dawn always EAT their photoshoots!

    :lovelycooky: :lovelycooky: :lovelycooky:
  3. badcrookshanks

    New MV [HyunA&DAWN] 'PING PONG' MV

    ITS SO GOOD :junweary:
  4. Darkseid


    Dawn's solo cb is a flex song, and tbh I like it quite a lot. The lyrics are done really well, we have a lot of flex songs in Kpop but since the lyrics are pretty personal here, you can relate it to him much easier. All the references to Psy, Hyuna and even Jessi coming in with her Nunu Nana and...
  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    Where the hell is Hyuna???

    I feel like she hasn't had a comeback in FOREVER!!! Did Flower Shower flop of something? What is P Nation doing with her? They're doing a good job with Jessi right now, what about Hyuna and Dawn???
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation I'm jealous of Hyuna

    I'm Jealous.... Hyuna can I have a bite?
  7. Tickita

    Cover OnlyOneOf(온리원오브) ‘MONEY’ (Original by DAWN)

    OnlyOneOf Tag: @TwentyOneIzz
  8. maruberry

    18+ My conclusions on HyuDawn

    So. I've been watching all the new HyuDawn content and what Hyuna 'n' Dawn have been saying about eachother... 1. Hyuna is a dom. Well we already knew this, but like... now we KNOW KNOW. 2. Hyuna calls Dawn by his real name when punishing him! 3. Dawn likes throwing money at Hyuna. Maybe some...
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation I think I'm becoming a Dawn stan...

    I've been watching his appearances on variety shows and... I really like his personality.... He is adorable... And good looking... this hasn't happened in a long time...
  10. Abeamus

    Dawn talking about when the dating news broke

    DAWN appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” on November 13 and shared some insights into his relationship with HyunA! This was DAWN’s first time on a variety show on his own, and he shared that HyunA had told him to be careful about what he said. When Kim Gura suggested that he just talk honestly, DAWN...
  11. maruberry

    Dawn is me

    So I just watched Knowing Brothers... And Dawn described his eating habits... and he might as well have described mine... 1) When I wake up I drink tea straight away... Literally me. I have a cup of tea next to me right now, I chug it down like it's nothing. 2)1 meal per day... Me... Literally...
  12. potato

    Variety Hyuna and Dawn on Knowing Brother - Preview

    This is too cute :jisoosmh: And the impact this will have on the kpop industry is unbelievable. I'm so happy for them.