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day 6

  1. Darkyoda47

    Your Top 3 BoyGroup Songs in 2020, So Far?

    Inspired by @Ahsoka 's dislike for GG songs :welp: - 1. Day6 - Zombie The whole album is gold tbh. Afraid and Love Me or Leave Me are really good too, I highly recommend. 2. Stray Kids - TOP (Japanese Ver.) This is also the OP for Tower of God. I highly recommend that anime btw! 3. Oneus -...
  2. Soleski

    Comeback Day 6 <Remember us: Youth Part 2> ~Tracklist

    this looks nice, I am so excited :pandalove::pandalove: part 1 is a masterpiece for those who never heard of Day 6: :pandahappy::pandahappy: