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  1. NeoSquare

    News Daydream's new lineup released

    As you may know, Daydream recently had 3 members leaving the group right after debut, leaving Sarang behind. Now the lineup consists of Maeum and Ara
  2. NeoSquare

    News Sorim, Alim and Chaeha left Daydream

    Sorim, Alim and Chaeha left Daydream due to personal conflicts with the company. For now, it's not clear wether Sarang still remains in the group and what will happen. Daydream debuted on Feb 23, 2020 with Num Num. This might be the fastest disbandment ever. All the girls who left have...
  3. NeoSquare

    MV Daydream finally released their MV for Num Num

    We had to wait for a while to get an MV with the song but it's here. It's very low budget but I love it @kinnie @Kimono @Bae Joo-hyun @Hallybell @ikonicraja @Keihatsu @JoanaIsHere @TwentyOneIzz (just tagged people who liked/replied on Daydream threads)
  4. NeoSquare

    News Daydream to debut on February 23rd

    A new girl group will debut and thus join the February Blood Bath The members' names are Sarang, Alim, Sorin and Chaewon. Chaewon was part of MIDNIGHT, a pre-debut girl group that ANS' Bian was a part of as well.
  5. blurryface

    blurryface's/daydreamhobie's ugly anon

    okay, do whatever you want. i wanted to make an anon~ 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 *hi, greenheartus*
  6. blurryface

    Momo wanted nudes

    ew, i hate Momo not Momo who is in Twice here is screenshots: Momo is going to kill you