1. jon_oppar

    what do you think of the 2020 kpop debuts

    so several groups have debuted this year, what do y'all think of these debuts? personally, most of the girl groups that debuted this year are frigging awesome (ie STAYC, Weeekly, etc) discuss <3
  2. yminsane

    K-POP IS ...

    And back at it again ... as always i like hearing different point of views , opinions , thoughts , ideas ... as i typed K-POP i knew something like this will show up .... and what's the best place to discuss it ....... KPOPSOURCE Anyway i would like to hear y'all out , but ofc if i would...
  3. yminsane


    so this is an idea from someone , it is not original hahahah but i find it really fitting to post about. anyway , all of you that is interested , post an opinion about ANYTHING , literally ANYTHING , and i'll try to debate it i'm going to get a lot of hate hahahahahahahaha ill wait until all...