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  1. bangtrash

    What kpop ship(s) do you have mixed feelings about?

    Disclaimer: I’m not shipping anyone Mines: J-sprite (Jhope x sprite) I know it’s a joke but it seems kinda weird to ship a living person and non living object (ik i sound ridiculous and not fun). SeulRene (Seulgi x Irene) The mv for Monster made me think they’re actually a couple (my baby...
  2. bangtrash

    Lord kpop stans need a life

    Someone said that girlkind outsold bts, twice, and blackpink…😟 who even is that. Kpop stans are officially the most delusional fandom in the world. They love to bring down popular groups cus they want to be ”different🥺” but it makes them look stupid af. Someone also said that bts are the kings...
  3. maruberry

    Are you delulu about something?

    Are you delulu about some things? Bcs I DEFINITELY am! 1. Lay is coming back to EXO. He just is. End of story. I tolerate NO arguments on this topic. 2. EXO will never disband.
  4. maruberry

    @Kuroyuri and @jimimis are CANCELLED!

    They are DEAD to me! The disrespect in this house is so real that I just CAN'T! I'm not gonna expose them for the unitellectual hoes they are, but damn I have lost any faith I ever had in this family! I officially disown @Jimimis and @kuroyuri as my daughter and daughter in law until they show...