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  1. Jewel

    Question, have any of you come across this problem when making threads?

    I was so frustrated because I'd have things spaced a certain way but not all of the content stayed spaced when I went back into the thread. Well, I found a solution. I looked up the keyboard symbol for blank space and copy & pasted that into the spaces I wanted to be separated. It works! ᠎ Copy...
  2. Areum

    Shop ♡ Naru's Signature Shop ♡ (OPEN FOR REQUESTS)

    Yes I used food stickers WELCOME TO AREUM'S SIGNATURE SHOP! So I have finally decided to open my own signature shop as I feel like my design skills have improved enough to use them for others' benefits If you'd like to order a signature from me, just reply to this thread and include what...
  3. yminsane


    Hi , i really want your help guys , im trynna , do a sword cut right so that beam (in fact it's a sword slash) i wanted it to cut the photo in half and i want to be able to move each half separately , show me how please
  4. bulletproof

    GFX Bulletproof's stuff

    Hello:llama_uwu: I was thinking about this for a long time, but I didn't get the chance to open my own design thread. For the beginning I will share some of my things. Most of them are for the forum, because they are more recent. Also some of you may know my job, but I don't have much at home...