1. marublade

    18+ Sometimes I wish I had a d**k

    Sometimes I wish I had a dick Not bcs I wanna be a man or anything like that I just want a dick Fucking somebody is so much more appealing to me than being fucked. It just is Pushing a big cock into somebodies pussy or ass is just... I like the idea of it to put it the least I'm telling...
  2. marublade

    18+ Kun's c**k

    Kun's cock is HUGE Thick like his arm and long like his leg It's like a third leg Kun has a monster cock Bigger than you have ever seen And I just wanna slurp it right up Swallow it all down and slobber all over it I wanna eat his monster cock, his powerful wand, his majestic fuck-stick I...
  3. marublade

    Does Suga prefer big or small... [18+]

    Do you think Suga prefers big or small cocks? I have been thinking about this for a while now! I personally think he doesn't care about the size. He wants to be made helpless and taken out of his own head and a cock or it being big makes no difference in that! He wants to be tied up and...
  4. marublade

    [18+] Who has the biggest d**k in Seventeen?

    I feel like none of them have monsters... ...but Jeonghan seems like he would have a huge one. He overall gives a sadistic, but caring dominant vibe to me, so that's that.