1. NeoSquare

    Official Official Kpopsource Discord Masterlist

    This is a thread which will compile all of the servers tied to the forum and related to groups/idols. Just post here what server you have with a link (please make sure that the link does not expire!) or who to contact. Official Kpopsource Server Official Kpopsource Language Server * A B BTS...
  2. la_mort_pour_vous

    Discussion The KS EXOcord.

    KS is a rather small & tight-knit community with a few fandom-dedicated discord servers. So I thought, why not create an EXO one? I assure you it will be a tranquil or toxin-free environment for all if you join. Still in the process of uploading new emotes so bear with me. Here is the invite...
  3. IU

    Discussion Is discord down for yall?

    It is down for me on the main website and app.
  4. Yolks

    Official KS Korean Discord Server

    Hey everyone! I made a KS Korean Discord Server where you can learn Korean, ask for translations, or try chatting in Korean with others. Of course, you don't have to talk in Korean; chatting in English is just fine :sanapray: I hope this can be helpful to some of you, and if you want to join...
  5. NeoSquare


    Yes! I finally made an official KpopSource NCTzen discord! Pm me for the link :llama_squish:
  6. IU

    Information KPopSource Official Discord

    Hey everyone, i would like introduce you guys to our discord server, this is where most of our staff members hang out. We would like to formally invite everyone here to our discord so we can be much closer with everyone. Of course the forum is where most of the discussions take place but we hope...