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dj hyo

  1. LoveYooShaSha

    News Hyoyeon DJ Hyo 2021 Tainan Good Young New Year's Eve Event becomes Fully Online Concert

    Idk wats in the 2nd twt, but i think Hyoyeon just spent 2 weeks in quarantine jail to be at this New Year's Eve Music event in Taiwan n missed the SMTOWN LIVE show prerecording in korea only to be "rained out" kinsa, she coulda literally stayed hpme n not bothered n done both maybe if the Mayor...
  2. Abeamus

    SNSD Solos Tournament Final Scores

    Fly proved to be a powerful force from start to finish in the tournament by not only given 4 songs in the tournament their 1st loss but also making it to the end remaining undefeated to achieve that 7-0 sweep
  3. Abeamus

    Tourney Don't Say No vs Sober - Finals SNSD Solos Tournament

    Next up is two of the songs tied for 4th Don't Say No vs Sober, will Don't Say No be able to keep its spot in the top 4 or will it be moved down the table from losing to Sober? Other Round 7 Matches Into You vs Winter Breath I Just Wanna Dance vs Summer Night Fine vs Fly
  4. Abeamus

    Tourney Fly vs Sober - Semi-finals SNSD Solos Tournament

    Only 2 rounds left and things kick off with Fly vs Sober, Fly managed to lessen the tie for 1st last round meanwhile Sober entered 4th place but whose good streak will continue? Other Round 6 Matches Fine vs I Just Wanna Dance Don't Say No vs Winter Breath Into You vs Summer Night
  5. Abeamus

    Tourney Sober vs Summer Night - R5 SNSD Solos Tournament

    Now onto Sober vs Summer Night and with both of these songs being tied for 4th then this match could break up that tie a bit by knocking the other song down the table Other Round 5 Matches Fine vs Winter Breath Don't Say No vs Into You Fly vs I Just Wanna Dance
  6. Abeamus

    Tourney Into You vs Sober - R4 SNSD Solos Tournament

    Both of these songs haven't had the best runs so far with both Into You and Sober being 3 for 3 on losing but that unfortunate streak could be about to take a turn for one of them Other Round 4 Matches Don't Say No vs Fly Fine vs Summer Night I Just Wanna Dance vs Winter Breath
  7. Abeamus

    Tourney Sober vs Winter Breath - R2 SNSD Solos Tournament

    Sober and Winter Breath both started the tournament with a loss adding to their score but now is the chance for one of them to get a win over the other Other Round 2 Matches Fly vs Summer Night Fine vs Into You Don't Say No vs I Just Wanna Dance
  8. Abeamus

    Tourney I Just Wanna Dance vs Sober - R1 SNSD Solos Tournament

    Next up is Tiffany with I Just Wanna Dance facing off against the one and only DJ Hyo with Sober, which songs will come out on top in this match? Other Round 1 Matches Don't Say No vs Fine Summer Night vs Winter Breath Fly vs Into You
  9. mysteric

    News Dayum owo

    Hitchhiker and Red Velvet have been added to SM’s Spectrum Festival And Hyo’s there too!! Peace out y’all, mysteric
  10. SoneLuv

    What do you think about Hyoyeon being a DJ?

    She's happy as a DJ and is on an Asian tour, she's working so she's employed, I wonder how much she makes as a DJ and I hope she gets big. I wonder if she would have been more successful as a choreographer or something related to dancing. She loves it so happy for her.
  11. yeji

    MV Hyo & 3Lau "Punk Right Now" MV released

    wow I am suprised how much I actually like this song. DJ HYO is on fire
  12. yeji

    Teaser Hyoyeon "Punk Right Now" MV Teaser Out

    yes DJ HYO is coming back and it seems like this song will be a bop.