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  1. LeeriaYa

    Are you more dominant, or submissive as a person?

    Would you consider yourself more dominant as a person, or more submissive as a person? None of you can say you’re dominant because you’re on top because who posted the thread first? That’s right. Me This could be taken in anyway you want, but I actually did not mean it in That’s right. I...
  2. maruberry

    18+ IZ*ONE Sakura is 100% a dom

    Sakura is a dominant and nobody can convince me otherwise! She has the image of an innocent, nerdy and dorky girl, but I'm not buying into that! That girl is a snake in the best way possible! She knows how to get her way and she will do whatever needed to get there! She is a professional in...
  3. maruberry

    Kyungsoo... [18+]

    Kyungsoo is just not OK... He is the most blatantly dominant kpop idol ever! From the way how he at times looks at others like they are the most worthelss of all ants under his boot! The way he punishes others if they break his rules! And that is how he treats his groupmates and friends...