dont make this flop pls

  1. kuro

    am I boring?

    am I boring? :pepecry2: @goyo @princesspeach @wayvoutsold @crybaby @Ireneisbaee @Tir @JungYoda @Yolks @baekk @Ozymandias @JisoosHusband
  2. kuro

    why is kps so dead

    watch as this flops too lol why is kps so deadddddd i'm bored! :pandasad:
  3. leesooman

    is it just me or are there other intellectuals out there?

    i dont think its the new gen rn. i think we're still in an awkward phase between generations and these groups are kinda like how exo was back in 2011 and called flops cause of all the success of 2nd gen groups. 2014-2015 was the real start of 3rd gen for me. all the new groups dont really...