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  1. Pigeon

    Appreciation Top 1 reason why Jimimis is the best user

    1. stans BTS, Daehwi, and says Jinan is hot :sj_weary: GO DOTAE i- smh jaehyun tryna interfere :facepalm:
  2. R

    Fanart dotae fanart for @Jimimis @kuroyuri

    @Jimimis @kuroyuri very belated wedding gift and a thank-you for proofreading my fic random tags: @Pigeon @la_mort_pour_vous happy easter egg hunting guys, im off to sleep now
  3. MinSquishy

    Fanfiction LOST & FOUND [DOTAE FANFIC]

    This is my first fanfic on KS so, please don't bash me too hard... In honor of @Jimimis
  4. JungJaehyun

    god, yall dont know how much...

    i hate taeyong why'd I get this 'shipped with' thingy i should've gone with jungwoo @Jimimis @hyunaspandahoe @Taeyong
  5. kuro

    jimimis is a TASTELESS HOE

    smh this hoe here stans dotae first of all. she's a rude disobedient child who can't respect her elders. she stans taeyong of all perfect nct people (haechan) and she has the nerve to call others tasteless and fake while she only stans bg this thread is long overdue TASTELESS HOE NOBODY GETS...