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  1. litc

    Video 진짜 지금부터 시작이에요💚 | 6TH HAPPY DREAM DAY🏀

    6 years of Dream:maheart:
  2. litc

    NCT Dream 6th Anniversary Celebration

    :pandamad:(this is an excited panda:welp:) @NCTzen
  3. litc

    New MV NCT Dream Beatbox Choreography Video

  4. litc

    Video NCT Dream Beatbox Dance Practice

  5. litc

    Teaser iScream Vol.16 Glitch Mode Remix to be released on June 21st 6pm kst

    @NCTzen hopefully it's good:susPepe:
  6. litc

    Appreciation Happy Haechan Day

    Happy 22nd birthday (in international age) Haechan! @NCTzen
  7. litc

    Teaser NCT Dream Beatbox More Teaser Pics

  8. litc

    Teaser NCT DREAM Beatbox Teaser Pics

    the saturation and grain tho .... Jaemin is so cute tho this year for real and the first Jisung pic is dp worthy, it's so goooood