1. marublade

    I had a dream about OT9 EXO tonight

    So I had a long ass dream tonight I was at an award show (I think it was MAMA 2022) and I was quite high up with a window showing a rooftop right behind me Then it was said the next performance would be on the rooftop The performace was by EXO, only some of the members were my elementary...
  2. RainbowDevil

    Weird af dream!

    So of course i forgot a lot of it the moment I woke up but... the thing is, I dreamt the same thing 3 times cause i fell asleep thrice What I do remember tho is that firstly the brother of my elementary school best friend came through our window (me and my sisters) and we had to tie him up...
  3. marublade

    Appreciation Somebody take Jeno away from Dream [Preferably monbebes]

    DREAM is suposed to be FAMILY FRIENDLY content! WTF is this Lee Jeno!! He should be grounded and then sent to join Monsta X!
  4. marublade

    Appreciation The differences between NCT 127, Dream and WayV!

    All of these 3 units are very different, so this is how I would describe them! 127 - Mild crackheads who are kind to everyone and love eachother and hug eachother a lot. They show their love and are really kind! Dream - Mild crackheads who can and will fight everybody! WayV - Extreme crackheads...
  5. marublade

    Cover NCT Dream covering BoA no.1 [Fancam]

    I can't wait for the official version of this! But if you look close enough you start to notice things in this performance. Renjun and Chenle are basically the only ones singing. Jisung has 2 lines, both short and Jeno and Jaemin have 1 shared line + 1 solo line each... But Renjun and Chenle...