1. marublade

    Appreciation I want these 2 babies to debut in Dream!

    The leak about Dream getting 3 new members soon... I am excited and I REALLY hope that the ones joining will be these 2 babies we saw going to Suju D&E's concert! They look adorable, they look to be about the age to join Dream, so PLEASE... PLEASE let the debut!
  2. marublade

    Appreciation NCT Dream didn't just release SOTY... but also the AOTY!

    They truly did! Not a bad song on that album, only bop after bop after bop! I've got no complaints! The songs are all different all very unique but all so good! If you haven't listened to the whole album you REALLY should, it is AMAZING! SM knows how to make a good album and they pulled no...
  3. marublade

    Appreciation The Dreamies are gods of spoilers

    it is the way they give spoilers. They give a LOT and all the while are trying to stop eachother from giving them, with that only making more obvious what's a spoiler! I love it so much! I think in this vlive we got at least a spoiler per minute! PS: Asking if there's rope to tie Chenle up? A mood!
  4. marublade

    Appreciation NCT Dream will be on Idol Room and... The preview looks amazing!

    It looks like that show will be some A-grade Dreamies! Renjun claiming his Korean isn't good (Yeah,right), The dreamies beating eachother up, hating eachother and of course... Jeno is ABSOLUTELY No fun!
  5. marublade

    News NCT Dream to have a comeback in late July!

    I've been waiting for this and I am so EXITED!
  6. marublade

    Appreciation HRVY might just be the best thing to ever happen to the Dreamies!

    I am looking at all the little tidbits of information we are getting about him with the dreamies and I am liking him more and more! Chenle played basketball with him during DNYL filming! He and Renjun are acting like besties! HRVY going off on social media about haters! The dreamies in general...
  7. marublade

    My incoherent ramblings about NCT Dream

    The Dreamies are scary... Like the dreamies are actual bullies and Mark is their victim! Mark even has said that the younger members are scary and it shows! The way Dreamies are looking like hawks for even the smallest mistake and then proceed to clown the shit out of it makes me afraid for the...
  8. marublade

    I love and hate NCT Dream right now

    It is mainly because they are at the moment stuck in this transition period.... I am missing Mark... (And Haechan too, now that I think about it) and I miss the interactions. OT5 Dream we have promoting atm is great... But they are missing something and they themselves are feeling it aswell...
  9. marublade

    Appreciation The dreamies are mean to NCTzens

    Look at how they are rubbing it into our faces that they have already heard Superhuman and we haven't! THEY ARE SO MEAN!
  10. marublade

    Cover NCT Dream covering BoA no.1 [Fancam]

    I can't wait for the official version of this! But if you look close enough you start to notice things in this performance. Renjun and Chenle are basically the only ones singing. Jisung has 2 lines, both short and Jeno and Jaemin have 1 shared line + 1 solo line each... But Renjun and Chenle...