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  1. Nekone

    Discussion Everything that you are looking for is in this thread

    I want to have Nayeon spit on me to baptize me
  2. Nekone

    Discussion Pizza is worth suffering for

    Imagine being stuck in a stupid conversation over a Pizza. Awkward really It should never be that complicated to order. I mean when I say that I want extra cheese on my pizza, I don't need to hear you tell me that your mother doesn't like cheese and how she ruined an entire birthday party over...
  3. Nekone

    Appreciation My giant baby Zoa

    If there is someone that I would put in my pocket and use her as a charm Zoa comes to mind quickly She is my baby so much that she snatched my wig and put it back in place without me realizing She is my baby so much that when it's raining outside, there is cloud everywhere but not over me...
  4. Nekone

    Appreciation Yes, we are talking about Weeekly again

    The mini-album just happened to be playing in my apartment at 7 AM~ I don't care, my neighbors will have to like whether they want or not
  5. Nekone

    18+ Punch me until I am officially dreaming

    I want to be sent into a dream A world where I can pray and always see the amazing body of daddy Song Seung-Heon I could fill this pool with my saliva if he ever wanted to swim Oh sit down, I will gladly use my tongue to wipe all this sweat No one is allowed to have the rooster that is...
  6. Nekone

    Discussion My house is burning

    About an hour ago a suspicious person walking around the perimeter of my house I was petrified, scared, terrified - however you want to describe hiding under you bed That's when I heard the door knob turn slowly but, surely It couldn't have be my friend from the movie: The Ring (horrible...
  7. Nekone

    18+ Imagine you were Tzuyu

    You are sleeping soundly and suddenly you can hear Nayeon whispering in your ears to wake you up and have some alone time with you. Would you do it or not? (Yes, you have to be Tzuyu)
  8. Nekone

    Teaser Weeekly - Tag me (@Me)

    @la_mort_pour_vous ~Stan Weeekly~
  9. Nekone

    Discussion Not one single horror movie is superior to The Ring

    It just crossed my mind that it's the only horror movie that is constantly coming back into my head and actually scares me I guess I will sleep when the sun rises, I am scared of that movie and still am
  10. Nekone

    18+ I made contact with a human today

    ~Hi~ I haven't taken a bath in 6 days and so, today I decided to order a pizza The best food to ever exist It was actually pretty exciting being seen after not having bathed in 6 days I need to get outside, I already was weird but, that experience just was way too much for me I am starting...
  11. Nekone

    Discussion Serious question, I need your help

    Are your bones always as old as yourself or not? Do you think they can think? They grow with us too so...
  12. Nekone

    Discussion I decided to return actively on the forums

    Let's be honest, I haven't been active since leaving AKP and I plan on changing that from now on Whether I have to post 300 threads a day or 1 will be a start I better reach 500,000 posts by 2021 DrugTheGreat is definitely reopened~ Y'all better be prepared for the good content that I plan on...
  13. Nekone

    Discussion Throwback to my drawings

    I can't believe how much time has passed since I last draw something I was still ordering milk from JYP and had wild breakfast with his banana....
  14. Nekone

    18+ To Jeonghan

    One day, Jeonghan will capture me and make me his slave From there, I can say that he would be allowed to do whatever he is pleased with
  15. Nekone

    Thoughts Darkness in me

    Everything is breaking Inside, the real me is thinking The smile I show is sinking Black is my morning The night is closing - in Can you hear me? Can you see me? Am I lost in my soul again? Do I have to go through the pain? My pillars are crumbling again Swimming in vain ______ I think that I...
  16. Nekone

    Appreciation What is this something you need in your life?

    Simple! Everyone needs air, without it, we are simply not Humans. I know, why not saying something like this instead "Without air, we are not alive.' We cannot be sure that there aren't any lifeforms that stay alive using another technic. Have you ever thought that life on Mars might not...
  17. Nekone

    Discussion With the destruction of Drugland, this is farewell~

    Where do I start? Here or there? I guess it doesn't really matters. As you might have happened to see, I love being humorous I think we have been together long enough for me to tell you that behind most skits that I have done since AKP, I had a lot of fun That's why... Now tell me...
  18. Nekone

    Discussion @Drug was chased away

    Last week, we have learned that Drugland will close it's doors and altho we haven't managed to get any reasons as to why it will close, the sense of relief that is above Kpopsource is almost touchable Said the Kpopsource CEO and we can see hundreds of people gathering and enjoying the news We...
  19. Nekone

    Discussion [Breaking news] Drugland is closing

    Melting Lights, hold me in arms tight Don't ever run away to the night Everyday, I want to be cherished, I want to be with you with all my might ~~~ That's basically all that I can come up with rip :lazypotato: I have been so caught up that poems are too difficult to write now... For now at...
  20. Nekone

    18+ Whatever for Valentine's Day 1 (short whatever that is)

    It was during one hot summer day that I felt as if I was placed in a cell with diamond bars, the day that I first met him, my JYP. My heart pounding endlessly into my rib cage, the pain of not being able to hold his hand when I needed to and I always felt selfish for wanting to be by his side...