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  1. RockyGoose

    Jaeyoon duality

    "I'll bring your daughter home at 9 PM" "I didn't say what day."
  2. karinaknows

    What's your opinion on dual concepts?

    What's your opinion on dual concepts? Only two (girl) groups officially have it. Red Velvet and Cherry Bullet. Some people say that Blackpink has it as well but it was never blatantly confirmed by YG and other than AIIYL, they don't seem to have "pink" comebacks. Do you think that it should...
  3. LeeHoseok

    Audio I.M (MONSTA X) - DUALITY

    OH MY GOD, IT'S SO GOOD :yes: :pikagun:
  4. LeeHoseok

    MV I.M (MONSTA X) - 'GOD DAMN' MV [Possibly 18+? IDK HELP]

  5. LeeHoseok

    I.M (MONSTA X) 'DUALITY' album preview

    Imma say it: God Damn is just...:sj_weary:
  6. LeeHoseok

    Debut I.M (MONSTA X) | Solo Debut Mini Album 'DUALITY' | February 19th

  7. maruberry

    Appreciation Kai does not compute in my brain!

    Kai is my ult, but my brain lowkey can't handle or understand him! how can somebody who is like THIS: ALSO, be like THIS!!! This is unfair and awful and I just can't with him! I also hate him a lot btw! He is so infuriating and he needs to stop because my heart can't handle him!