1. emanresu

    Appreciation Sing For Old King Salmons

    Sing For Old King Salmons This is what I listen to in the middle of the night. Keeps the fish awake.
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    Appreciation Nayoung In A Pretty White Dress

    Nayoung In A Pretty White Dress Nayoung must be everyone's dream girl. She's mine. Is she yours? She's so pretty I fall over.
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    Appreciation Tzu Rapper

    Tzu Rapper When a Tzuyu raps. You can feel she's known and seen some shit. The authenticity. Spitting.
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    Opinions For The Love Of Tzuyu Why Do Dubs Exist

    For The Love Of Tzuyu Why Do Dubs Exist This guy does not sound like he's from Brooklyn. God damnit. GOD DAMNIT. I just bought Visions Of Escaflowne on Amazon Prime for streaming. Saw it had English subtitles. And was like cool. Original Japanese. Confirm purchase??? Yes. Enter...
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    Appreciation Arin The Great And The Big Pile Of ****

    Arin The Great And The Big Pile Of **** Arin visits her grandma's. Calls her stuck up doggie chic. Swats flies. And walks by a big pile of poo. Arin is literally world's best girl. Swoon.
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    Opinions Dear God Watch Dorohedoro

    Dear God Watch Dorohedoro Oh my...... Someday I'll stop hyping anime. But that day is not today. Today I hype.... Dorohedoro. Ecclectic, punkish, brutal, grotesque, imaginative, wonderfully unique, and strangely endearing and fun. You fall for this strange and darkly fantastic world...
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    Rumor Is Tzuyu An Oppa?

    Is Tzuyu An Oppa? A Taiwanese grandmother told me this story. Long ago In a Taiwanese village Everyone knew what Tzuyus were. But one day someone was curious. So they asked the Village Wise Woman. "Wise Woman I saw a Tzuyu with Korean Mushroom Hair. Is Tzuyu an Oppa?" The wise woman...
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    Appreciation Tzuyu Vs Art Supplies

    Tzuyu Vs Art Supplies Tzuyu took the Picassos and wore them. What is art supplies against the power of a Tzuyu. There was no chance for them. "I killed all the paints. Now they're dead."
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    Appreciation Nayoung Is +99999999999999 Pretty

    Nayoung Is +99999999999999 Pretty Nayoung is world's best girl. + All those nines Pretty Points Prettiest girl ever. I even tweeted about it. So you know it's true.
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    NAYOUNG'S GONNA BE AN ACTRESS! Oh. My. God. Nayoung is gonna be an actress. I repeat Nayoung is gonna be an actress. YES!!! THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS I COULD EVER READ. NAYOUNG'S GONNA BE A HIGH SCHOOL BULLY IN A KDRAMA. I'm so happy I might cry. [Article Start] Lim Na Young...
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    Appreciation FANATICS Doah Is Top Visual

    FANATICS Doah Is Top Visual I bet all the cats and dogs and fish Stan her. She must be prettiest girl. We Stan.
  12. emanresu

    Appreciation Arin The Great Arin The Pretty

    Arin The Great Arin The Pretty Arin is best girl. I bet she will become Korean Historical Figure. Up there with King Sejong. 3 weeks lessons learning about Arin The Great for all students everywhere. Quiz tomorrow.
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    Appreciation I Wish This Sound Would Return To Kpop

    I Wish This Sound Would Return To Kpop Forget all the crazy new trends and modern productions. Let's get back to some simpler R&B. Have some early KARA. A gem.
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    Appreciation Pretty Seolhyun

    Pretty Seolhyun Best girlfriend in all the land Seolhyun. How pretty she is. We Stan.
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    Appreciation A Tzuyu Has Elven Ears

    A Tzuyu Has Elven Ears Ancient Taiwanese texts say Tzuyus developed Elven ears sometime in the early dynasties. They say a Tzuyu can hear you coming for miles. Even listen to your thoughts if your constitution is weak. But a Tzuyus ears were not just practical. They gave Tzuyus Great...
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    Discussion Violet Evergarden Is One Of The Most Beautiful Stories I've Ever Seen

    Violet Evergarden Is One Of The Most Beautiful Stories I've Ever Seen Have you ever watched something where you got the sense that you were watching something very special? Something that takes hold of you in a way that seems to transcend mere entertainment and touches something deep...
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    Appreciation Unsung Heroes

    Unsung Heroes With all these confounded titles and the attention they get. Sometimes our favorite hero songs don't get their fame and fortune? Whether it's a song you thought should have been the title. Or just a deserving B-side that is fucking phenomenal. Let's sing their praises...
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    Teaser Yes, I Am Tzuyu (OFFICIAL VIDEO PREVIEW - #2)

    Yes, I Am Tzuyu (OFFICIAL VIDEO PREVIEW - #2) I'm gonna spend all my money. All of it.
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    Appreciation The Tzuyu Is A Lethal Weapon Thread

    The Tzuyu Is A Lethal Weapon Thread Hello. Sit by the fire and wrap yourself in blankets. It's time for more folklore stories about a Tzuyu. We've covered all sorts of great things about a Tzuyu. How kind she is. How villagers pray to her. How she loves animals. How she is an angel...
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    Teaser Yes, I Am Tzuyu (OFFICIAL VIDEO PREVIEW)

    Yes, I Am Tzuyu (OFFICIAL VIDEO PREVIEW) Literal Angel. Tzuyu is the perfect girlfriend. I fell over 800 times.