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eng subs

  1. Jewel

    Video Xikers and babies 🥺

    Fret not there are English subs! So, make sure to turn CC on!!! @Xikers
  2. Jewel

    Video Follow KAI signature dance! l Show! Music Core Ep 801 [ENG SUB]

    I think this man is climbing up my bias list. He's certainly getting the spotlight lately. He's so damn adorable and the enthusiasm he has with his song and choreo is so cute! @Exo-L
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation WayV happy camp! [ENG SUB]

    Everybody say thank you to the chinese fans, who translated this for us! This is such a sweet move from them and it is honestly so cute! Well and then there are the subs by NEO SUBS, but the chinese fansubs are so sweet, so go watch those! [NEOSUBS]...