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entertain me

  1. QueenB

    How tall or short are you?

    I'm bored. Go and find out if you are short, average, or tall here Height: little over 5'7", so about ~172cm
  2. RavenHikari


    A kpop song of 2019 and I will tell you my opinion on it. :susPepe: Anyways have fun :pandahappy::pandahappy::pandahappy: Don't get butt hurt if I don't like your fave.
  3. maruberry

    Somebody please entertain me, I am bored

    I am REALLY bored... Somebody please entertain me! I am also mildly tired but I don't feel like sleeping... Also I feel like I should post this song on my profile... it seems fitting! But I lowkey don't actually know how to do that, so if anybody has tips I would be really happy! :pandalove: