eric nam

  1. Darth_Felflame

    Eric Nam Badge Revamp Thread

    I hope the NAM NATION IS READYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Cause we are gonna do this man proud! RULES ➥Badges must be 77x77 ➥Official photos only ➥Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable ➥Post your sources along with badges ➥Must be high quality and not blurry. Awards...
  2. Queen

    Discussion Is that Eric Nam? + EXO & CL

    ok, so I actually know it's Eric but I wanted a catchy headline. Anyways, I feel like the dude pops up everywhere and anywhere. Eric is out there making the fullest of his life and i'm jelly If anyone is curious he served as the Olympic ambassador so that's one reason he was there. Also, an...
  3. lexus

    Discussion Favorite song(s) from soloists?

    I'm bored if you can't tell. :welp: You don't have to name as many artist as I did, obviously. lol. I just listed as many songs as I could. Heize IU Zico Chungha Eric Nam Aliee Lee Hi
  4. vogue

    Eric Nam Badge [DONE]

    Since we don't want to miss Eric Nam this Thread is now open Prelimanary Voting Form Suggestion Period: 4.11 - 9.11 Preliminary Voting: 9.11-13-11 Voting Period: 13.11 - 16.11 Requirements: -use HD pictures -avoid fan account pictures -make sure the badge is sized 77 x 77 [I will post my...
  5. vogue

    MV Eric Nam "Miss You" MV Released

    what a beautiful song. Happy to have now new song from him. I will in like a hour drive to my Uni so I now know what I will listen to while I am on my way lol.
  6. vogue

    Teaser Eric Nam " Miss You" MV Teaser

    so exited for new Eric Nam songs. Miss You seems quite intresting.
  7. vogue

    Teaser Eric Nam " Miss You" Motion Teaser

    his voice is just so beautiful.
  8. vogue

    Teaser Eric Nam coming back soon with "I Miss You"

    So excited for this comeback. He has so fa released so many great songs so I can't wait anymore to listen to more.