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  1. maruberry

    Appreciation Fun fact about Estonia

    Pirating ain't illegal here! I can use pirate bay all I want without getting into trouble! :sanapray:
  2. maruberry

    So schools are closing in my country

    My country is.... reacting fast and big. All schools are closing. We have 27 cases of coronavirus in the country btw atm. But schools are ALL closing down for at least 2 weeks!
  3. maruberry

    Maruif's Estonian lessons! Come learn some fun Estonian!

    So, I'm gonna teach you some fun things and none of that boring Hello, goodbye, how are you shiz! Kurat - Literally means devil, but when used as a swearword it means nothing and can be used in any part of the sentence! It just makes the sentence stronger! EXAMPLES: Ma armastan leiba - I love...
  4. maruberry

    When some black rights activists come at Estonians for being slave owners etc..

    I just go WTF? I am posting this because this literally just happened to me! I was hanging out on omegle, as I do from time to time and I was talking to this girl who was very passionate about black rights. Nothing wrong with that! But then I mentioned that I am from Estonia and that I don't...