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  1. maruberry

    I'm leaving kpop to stan Tix

    Bye-bye, with every day that passes I fall more and more in love with this amazing man! He is just so cute, hyper, sweet, amazing, incredible, loveable and I can't get enough! HOW CAN HE BE SO GREAT! (Turn on CC's for this vid)
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation Tix is the biggest cinnamon bun ever and deserves the world

    From Eurovision I've fallen in love with the amazing Tix, who represents Norway Why? Because he is precious, sweet, amazing and spreads an amazing message His message is one of mental health and neurodivergent people. Tix has tourette's, OCD, depression. Came close to attempting suicide in...
  3. maruberry

    My ultra-salty rant thread about Eurovision

    Eurovision for quite some time now seems to have been about who can shout the best... The only exeption has been Amar Pelos Dois in 2017, but other than that it has been pretty shit! The songs winning are all so artificial and empty. They are so boring and predictable! They all have that shouty...
  4. maruberry

    I wish Eurovision still made all countries sing in their national language!

    Or maybe not the national language definetly. I think languages that are local to that country, but aren't national should also be allowed! So for example italy's representative could sing in Catalonian, but not in English. I like the songs that aren't in english automatically like 10x more...
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation To everybody who didn't watch Eurovision

    You don't need to know who won! *insult*, but this is the song that got ripped off! They deserved to win! This song is the real winner here and I refuse to acknowledge any other song! And while we are at it, here is the BEST song of the competition! But this song isn't really an eurovision...