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  1. Darth_Felflame

    Appreciation Star Wars Lore #2

    Time for round two, now it's the Zabraks Besides the thing y'all found out already, that they have 2 hearts, there are also 2 different sects within the Zabrak society. These sects live on two different planets. With the standard Zabraks living on Iridonia while the half-human sect lived on...
  2. Darth_Bitzy

    Discussion Favorite Star Wars Memory as a Kid?

    For me it would be definitely riding Star Tours ride at Disney World its about you riding in a capsule and you get to interact with C3PO and R2D2 :sanapray: It was my first ever ride and I really loved the sci fi atmosphere and experience you get once you're in the ride I think if I had...
  3. Sana

    Event ♛ Official KS Minecraft Server ♛

    I am very happy to announce that the KS Minecraft Server has launched on the 09.06.2019 18:00 CEST / 16:00 UTC. FEATURES: Spawn This is the main island, also known as "Spawn". Here you can find the top 10 island owners, as well as the Villager and Admin Shop. You can exchange your emeralds...
  4. Darth_Felflame

    Game Rate the song above! (Kpop songs)

    Pretty straightforward, listen to the song the previous user put in his post, rate it and then put one yourself (I'd like to keep the songs K-Pop) You can also comment on it a bit, it's a good conversation starter! You may also add an MV rating separately if you wish! I'll start
  5. makestar

    News Post your FanArt on Makestar and win limited edition MDs

    🔥 K-POP EVENT🔥 Show your own FanArt and Get Kpop Star Goods! (before April 10th) Click the picture for more details Spring is coming so Makestar has prepared a new event! Simply show off your fanart in the comment on this page --> Makestar is looking for a Pro Otaku and grab your chance...
  6. Discipline

    Appreciation My lovely Senior Mod, @Jimin

    So unfortunately for you, @Jimin , you've got me as your Secret Santa! Before proceeding any further, this will be a two-part present because one of them isn't ready yet but I will try to complete it as quickly as possible and then tag you again once it's done :yolk: Part One - Appreciation...
  7. Cosmic

    Event Something scary is coming....

    :eek:Something scary is coming to KPopSource:eek: Halloween is almost upon us and we want your scariest stories to get us all in the mood. And there's a prize for the best one! - The competition is open now and runs until 23:59 GMT on Friday 2nd November 2018, when the thread will be closed...