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  1. HalldorOlafsson

    I saw night swim today

    I thought it was above average but felt almost like a movie for kids. there wasn't many scares the ending sequence was nice however I thought blumhouse and atomic monster would've been a better movie outcome. An honest 7/10
  2. HalldorOlafsson

    Diablo 4 over 100 negative + comments on metacritic

    Haters gonna hate and saying 3 is better is laughable lol I am using rouge over 45+ I think? also I found a fourth stronghold yep. Only negative is if your net connection is bad, its hard to play.' despite that this game ticks all the right boxes. @kimsguardian @Yachii @Bookworm
  3. HalldorOlafsson

    Sensitive Why do I keep watching serial killer docos???

    They just resonate with me and are fascinating. No nightmares for this one. watching this right now
  4. S

    What Kpop Idols do you think are "evil"

    Having a random discussion with @DarthPandaScare in What idols do you think are "evil" the question I guess is twofold 1. truly evil/bad idols aka seungri kind; and 2. the mischievous troublemaker aka eunchae kind
  5. HalldorOlafsson

    Art the Clown

    Speaking of surprises kids. We have a very special guest with us today all the way from miles county, Please welcome art the clown! @Tsukino @Yachii @kimsguardian
  6. HalldorOlafsson

    I kind of like and not like this album cover

    I love belphegor to death. But this 12th album art. I liked toten ritual more. the devils seem too busy for my overall taste.
  7. HalldorOlafsson

    I am on a mission to find this CD (Goatwhore: Vengeful Acension)

    I know I bought the album and imported it from the USA. But the thing is. It's a digipack sleeve cover and also it's black. Like all my other metal cds. If it was a normal cd case, it wouldn't be AS hard to find. I am getting help from two of my female carers on locating it. It's a mish because...
  8. HalldorOlafsson

    Appreciation I ended up putting metal on my phone after all

    Mostly because I was listening to an Aussie outfit at the time and realised how much I missed it. Only 5 albums. 5 random ones not my best ones. just ones I would dwell into. I also felt like I had enough female artists bands on there 49. pic time. @vogue @Saythename17 @Jimmychimchim...
  9. Skinnny


    So most of you probably know about his kitty and if you don't, here's a quick preview: He was walking back to home and he found an abandoned little kitty. He took her and then blackmailed his parents to keep her as a pet. Now she's slowly invading his house and will eventually invade the whole...
  10. Koala

    The one true thing I despise with my small,angry body

    FRIED CHICKEY IS ICKY Aside from I have to finish mountains of dishes. She works ata fried chicken place. I don’t wanna see anymore. Does anyone like this stuff? ;~; I ate it the other day from being hungry for once,and I felt like a salt ocean