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  1. BlackpinkINSync

    My neighbour in critical condition

    Basically he had an accident and is now on life support He used to always say how much he liked my poems I am so gutted that he is this way tbh. Life isn't fair and it takes and takes I wish him well in the next life.
  2. GH0ST

    Two Days Till Fall as of 9/20/22

    What are everbodies Fall/Autumn activities? i enjoy hiking in the fall since the leaves Fall make it an amazing experience! :sanapray:
  3. sandwich

    Favorite season?

    I choose autumn and spring! ☺ I love the autumn feeling, Halloween and doing bonfires :) Spring weather is just right :) What is your favorite season?
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation Chen is the best at dealing with accidents when performing

    He always keeps a calm head and just continues on! From when his pants got ripped during the 2016 MAMA's to this!