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family tree

  1. maruberry

    I'm updating the family tree again!

    I took a bit of a break from managing the family tree, but I am now ready to get into updating it again so if anybody or anything needs to be added/changed, please tell me! PS: I ain't a robot and I ain't working 24/7, if I take time it's...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation The Tree of the ruling family of KPS!

    The tree is finally finished! WITH ANIMATED DPs The family is starting to make some sense, but I am sure in an hour it will be a big mess again! Thank you to all of you, close relatives and far!
  3. maruberry

    I'm gonna make a family tree!

    I want to make an ACTUAL pretty family tree, So for this I need to clear some things up! I'm gonna start to actually put this thing together tomarrow to give peeps times to correct some information! Soooo.... @goyo and @Ozymandias used to be a pair and have 1 child @kuroyuri @goyo is now with...
  4. kuro

    my family 2.0

    there was a few moments of peace and now it is messed up again so this is the new family thread smh it all started with @goyo and @Ozymandias they are my parents :maheart: @goyo @deadstar and @RainbowDevil are triplets @KimTaehyung and @bulletproof are their siblings no clue for ozy's family...