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  1. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    I am the last Edward in the line of Edwards

    My grandfathers father had a brother called Edward and he is also Edward and then there is me. I have to have some wee ones so I can name a boy after me. Otherwise the name dies with me.
  2. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    Gonna meet with some family over ancestor talk

    My grans cousins kids basically It's gonna be awkward saying they are wrong after so many years... I do not know where they did their research but I couldn't find anything on ancestry about it. gran states with 'no research' that the johnson side were scandinavian but he was a brit who was a...
  3. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    Sensitive This scared me legit

    I looked up the relation to below Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, was an American serial killer and sex offender 1960-1994 and the first person who is related to him just happens to be in my family tree. Legit some of my relations scare...
  4. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    Mums package came yesterday.

    Mostly blu ray movies and some thai pastes, Such a great mother! @kimsguardian @Yachii
  5. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    I sound like my mother a lot when typing lol

    Like the way she speak English hit me lol Asian mum problems jkjk It's cute how I have to spell things for her as well <3
  6. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    Goin' to the old mans for the night

    He is making a thai red curry for dinner yum yum! Plus I get to see the little ones Mia and Harry! <3 I am glad he asked. Really nice of him.
  7. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    Grandmother hates my red hair

    Blood red it is and she says I am 'nut' lol To be different is a dream and not the norm.
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    My Birthday... Am I A Brat?

    So my birthday is tomorrow and I'm a little sad about it. It could be just a chemical thing because I am just naturally prone to having my moods go up and down but I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that I usually feel like this around my birthday every year. So basically, there are no...
  9. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    Appreciation My Twin has his wedding this Saturday

    I am excited for it, even though no one in my family is going, because of covid 19. He is doing it via video stream I believe. Yes and this is the same brother of mine who has a twin as a gf. And she is pregnant as well. Bub due in October. And you're probably wondering why I am not married...
  10. victorious

    Do you call your closest friends, your siblings?

    I did a research on 5 stages of Friendships 1. Stranger 2. Aquiantance 3. Casual Friend 4. Close friend 5. Intimate friend (call a friend a family) so do u call your friends your siblings or family members?
  11. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    I feel like a lot of things I want to do in life (is held back by my family)

    Like if they weren't SO narrow minded my folks. I could do what I want to. (But I can't) Not to say I don't do my own thing at all, far from it. But they always 'make' drama whenever I want to do something. I know they lived in a different period and culture than my own. But yeah. (times change...
  12. maruberry

    Maruif's view on the NCT family

    This is my headcanon for the NCT family. Taeyong, Kun, Doyoung = Parents Johnny, Ten, Taeil, Yuta, Jaehyun = Not children, not parents... Uncles? Co-parents? Something like that. Doyoung's children = Jungwoo and Jeno Kun's children = Winwin, Lucas, Hendery, Yangyang, Xiaojun, Chenle, Renjun...
  13. maruberry

    I'm updating the family tree again!

    I took a bit of a break from managing the family tree, but I am now ready to get into updating it again so if anybody or anything needs to be added/changed, please tell me! PS: I ain't a robot and I ain't working 24/7, if I take time it's...
  14. Ems

    Trying to Get Back Into Swing of Things and Make Friends?

    Look at him. Don't you just want to hug him? ;_; Don't call him the C-word. I'm not afraid to bring out my kitty claws if you call him by the C-word. So, hey, I'm a very infrequent user here that is wanting to get her activity back up and stuff. I mean, there's a lot going on here at KPS and...
  15. maruberry

    Appreciation The Tree of the ruling family of KPS!

    The tree is finally finished! WITH ANIMATED DPs The family is starting to make some sense, but I am sure in an hour it will be a big mess again! Thank you to all of you, close relatives and far!
  16. maruberry

    I'm gonna make a family tree!

    I want to make an ACTUAL pretty family tree, So for this I need to clear some things up! I'm gonna start to actually put this thing together tomarrow to give peeps times to correct some information! Soooo.... @goyo and @Ozymandias used to be a pair and have 1 child @kuroyuri @goyo is now with...
  17. kuro

    my family 2.0

    there was a few moments of peace and now it is messed up again so this is the new family thread smh it all started with @goyo and @Ozymandias they are my parents :maheart: @goyo @deadstar and @RainbowDevil are triplets @KimTaehyung and @bulletproof are their siblings no clue for ozy's family...
  18. kuro

    Appreciation 🠂kps' ruling family🠀

    let's keep track of our family gah this is in relation to ME @Son Na Eun 🠂 SUPREME CULT MOM LEADER PERSON @goyo 🠂 mom @princesspeach 🠂 potato aunt @bulletproof 🠂 targaryen aunt @KimTaehyung 🠂 the sweet aunt @deadstar 🠂 the cool aunt @RainbowDevil 🠂 uncle! @BLACKPINK 🠂 brother @ChaseMeJiYoo 🠂...
  19. kuro

    who's your kps family?

    m i n e married to @Jimimis @princesspeach 's potato eomma @crybaby 's main hoe the cutest child of @goyo @BLACKPINK 's (maybe) sister @Yolks 's cutest uwu friend @ThiccDicc 's mama duck the flop sister of @wayvoutsold @NogaNono 's CLC sister - what's your kps family tree? @deadstar @lexusuwu...
  20. Koala

    ~❤️NekoYa Pick Me Pick Me Up~ Positivity for Users,Idols and friends and Family~

    🌟⭐️✨✨ In the wonderous world that is so large,we always have that one who supports us in our time of need. We all may have fear to say how much someone on forums means to us. Here you can be a silent support. You can tell how much you really root for someone,and things you admire about them. If...