fancy you

  1. Yumiz

    Blackpink vs Twice vs Red Velvet

    Blackpink Twice Red Velvet
  2. Yumiz

    Sales Kill This Love And Fancy You Certified Platinum

    Stan media play and a GG on the decline :joysip:
  3. kuro

    why tf are people 'apologizing' for their stupid threads?

    idgaf, but stan twice and stream fancy :queen: @Reo :sj_weary: -
  4. Darkseid

    Comeback Anyone pre-order Twice's "Fancy You" yet?

    Or planning to? I know the Once community on KPS is small and lazy, me included :yolk: But has anyone placed the order already? Or do you usually wait for more stuff to be revealed? Here's what Ktown says you get if you place an order now. The pre-order only photocard set and poster really...