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  1. Darkseid

    [Poll]: Twice: Fancy vs Feel Special vs More & More

    Twice has slowly transitioned from a cute, bubbly girl group to a more mature, elegant concept gradually over the last year, and most fans would agree that Fancy marked the first step on that road. It also came on the heels of their juniors Itzy's debut Dalla Dalla, so Twice passed the torch to...
  2. Abeamus

    Tourney Fancy vs TT - R7 Twice Tournament

    Fancy has reached 2nd place in the tournament and now it goes up against the 1st place song TT, will Fancy be able to give TT its 1st loss or will TT be able to make it to the end with a clean sweep? Other Round 7 Matches Breakthrough vs Like Ooh-Ahh Cheer Up vs Likey Dance The Night Away vs...
  3. Abeamus

    Tourney Cheer Up vs Fancy - R6 Twice Tournament

    Cheer Up picked up a win last round but now it has the bad luck of going up against Fancy which has only lost 1 match so far, will Cheer Up be able to give Fancy another loss or will Fancy put Cheer Up back on the losing path? Other Round 6 Matches Feel Special vs TT Breakthrough vs Dance The...
  4. Abeamus

    Tourney Fancy vs Likey - R5 Twice Tournament

    Fancy picked up another win last round but will it be able to do it again as it goes up against Likey which while it did receive its first loss last round, it could still put up a fight so which song will get the win? Other Round 5 Matches Cheer Up vs Dance The Night Away Feel Special vs Like...
  5. Abeamus

    Tourney Dance The Night Away vs Fancy - R4 Twice Tournament

    Dance The Night Away has been on a bad streak as it has lost all its matches and now it's going up against a song with only 1 loss in Fancy, will Dance The Night Away get its 1st win or will Fancy continue Dance The Night Aways losing streak? Other Round 4 Matches Breakthrough vs Feel Special...
  6. Abeamus

    Tourney Fancy vs Feel Special - R3 Twice Tournament

    Fancy has won both matches in the tournament and thanks to the alphabetical sorting is currently the leading song and going up against Feel Special which won its 1st match in the last round but can it keep the momentum going or will Fancy defeat it? Other Round 3 Matches Dance The Night Away vs...
  7. Abeamus

    Tourney Fancy vs Like Ooh-Ahh - R2 Twice Tournament

    Fancy won last round getting off to a good start in the tournament but will it do as well in its next match as it faces off against another one of the winners from last round Like Ooh-Ahh. Will Fancy give Like Ooh-Ahh its first loss or will Like Ooh-Ahh be the one to give Fancy its first loss...
  8. Abeamus

    Tourney Breakthrough vs Fancy - R1 Twice Tournament

    Twices first Korean and Japanese releases of 2019 going head to head with Breakthrough going against Fancy, will Fancy beat Breakthrough to start round 2 with a win or will Breakthrough take down Fancy and star round 2 with a win itself? Other Round 1 Matches Cheer Up vs TT Dance The Night Away...
  9. RunningMan

    Performance [Fancam] An Amazing and Loud Fanchanting Performance by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa

    :lovelycooky: Loud and Amazing fanchanting by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa 07.07.2019 Fancy Dance The Night Away Cheer Up
  10. VillageIdiot

    Blackpink vs Twice vs Red Velvet

    Blackpink Twice Red Velvet
  11. Soleski

    Dalla Dalla or Fancy?

    These two are probably my favorite title tracks this year :nekolove: which one do you prefer?
  12. Emanresu

    Appreciation The Miracle Of Tzuyu In Dark Pinstripes

    The Miracle Of Tzuyu In Dark Pinstripes We are here today to witness the miracle of Angel Tzuyu in dark pinstripes. Blessed are those who come to fangirl and fanboy. In this time of jubilant prayer. May our Holy Tzuyu be remembered. And the world resound with the cheer of Her Name. Oh...
  13. Emanresu

    Appreciation Fancy Tzuyu In That Picasso Dress Rocks My Very Existence

    Fancy Tzuyu In That Picasso Dress Rocks My Very Existence Fancy Tzuyu rocking her abstract mini dress speaks to my soul. I'm feeling all artistic. Have you some art appreciation.
  14. Emanresu

    Appreciation Blue Haired Dahyun Stuck To The Universe Wall Is The Best Thing About Fancy

    Blue Haired Dahyun Stuck To The Universe Wall Is The Best Thing About Fancy It's hard for me to put into words how much I love glitching Dahyun hair wild and blue all cool like lounging out stuck to that space ceiling. The fanboy in me didn't know I needed this. But now that it's here it's so...
  15. Emanresu

    MV I Like My Ice Cream Fancy

    I Like My Ice Cream Fancy There I was. A TWICE fanboy not knowing what the future would hold for my ultimate group. TWICE's big transition! What could it mean? How would they change? Would they bring new heights? Would they totally abandon their TWICE flavor to chase transition? I...
  16. kuro

    why tf are people 'apologizing' for their stupid threads?

    idgaf, but stan twice and stream fancy :queen: @Reo :sj_weary: -