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fandom name

  1. NeoSquare

    News WayV's fandom name revealed

    Wei = weishen Zhen = precious Ni = (cute) girl
  2. perhapz

    News BVNDIT's fandom name revealed

    As said in the post, it's BVNDITBUL, with the meaning of "BVNDIT Be Ur Light". It follows the trend of the group's name, of abbreviating a phrase (BVNDIT means Be Ambitious Nd Do IT). Apparently the Hangul of the fandom name also means Firefly in Korean, fitting well with the meaning...
  3. wayvoutsold

    Best fandom names?

    Some of my favorites are InSomnia, Young One (Tiffany) and Flover. What about you? Idea totally not stolen from @kuroyuri hehe
  4. LeeHoseok

    TXT announce fandom name, Tiffany Young fans are NOT impressed.

    The chosen fandom name is "Young One" The only problem, as immediately noticed, is that Tiffany Young has already chosen the name Young Ones for her own fans Both fandom names are exactly the same in Korean, "영원" meaning "forever" in English Obviously, fans being fans, this is already a...