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  1. suki

    Fanfiction to you (kpop fanfiction: a poem :DD)

    Your smile, lifts my soul. When no one else understands, you do. When I feel like giving up, you’re there. Your face, oh so beautiful. Others say you’re disgusting, weird, a fraud. But the happiness, that you give me, the love, the urge to live on, is that fake? You may not know me, but you...
  2. maruberry

    Good fanfiction is so damn hard to find

    I love Harry Potter fanfiction and I have for literally YEARS by now And I am sad to say.... I feel like I've read just about 99% of the good ones out there and the remaining decent ones are well hidden in the depths of the internet or just not written yet. Because I have already read so much...
  3. dubudae

    Fanfiction Never Ever| A Got7 Fanfiction - my nanowrimo 2020 project

    This is for my nanowrimo project, also shut up i know it's a ship i don't want to write a reader insert Synopsis: Based on Got7's Never Ever. Each member's POV in the story corresponds with their lines in the song. a soulmate au where you can like... have platonic soulmates which are people...
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation The most wholesome Harry Potter fanfiction

    Since J.K.Rowling turned out to be transphobic..... the HP fandom has hit back with a bunch of trans fanfics. And my absolute favourite moment in all of those fics is when a trans girl character tries to go up the stairs to the female dorms. The stairs are enchanted so that if a boy tries to...
  5. dubudae

    Fanfiction Ikebana | A DAY6 Hanahaki series

    (banner a work in progress) If someone deeply loves someone else platonically or romantically, and the love isn't replicated, or they think it isn't, they will acquire hanahaki disease. Flowers will start to encase the heart and esophagus, causing the afflicted to throw up flower petals. There...
  6. dubudae

    Fanfiction 아름다움 (Beauty) | A Doyoung x Reader Fanfiction

    sksksksksksksk I don't know how well this will work or turn out but there's a fanfiction section and I literally write fanfiction for Tumblr and Ao3 why not here. This will update in sections. Because when do I ever post a completely finished story in one go? Never. ——— A long time ago, there...
  7. FaceMcShooty

    18+ Have you ever tried writing a smut fic...

    ... but then realized you suck at it? :welp:
  8. GloriousHavoc

    18+ If you were an idol, would you...

    If you were an idol, would you read smut fics written about you?
  9. GloriousHavoc

    Fanfiction Which fanfiction tags...

    Which fanfiction tags make you give up on reading a fic (even if you really like the pairing)? :pepelook:
  10. kuro

    Fanfiction you're my hope | m.yg and j.hs

    you're my hope | m.yg and j.hs ( year: 2017 appearances: dna era -lowercase intended- ------------------------------------------------------ "man, that's awesome!" min yoongi’s best friend clapped him on the back, dimples on full display. “namjoon, you’re embarrassing me.” yoongi blushed...