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  1. tayoism

    What is your favorite got7 song?

    Just right all the way
  2. tayoism

    Favorite song by AB6IX?

    Mine is Hollywood. I love it so much! I'm totally not obsessed with the performance M/V
  3. tayoism

    Favorite TXT(Tomorrow X Together) song? (Or if you haven't listened to them, a song that looks promising?

    My favorite song of theirs is 'angel or devil' It has a very catchy beat to it and I just can't get enough of it. This is a song you will never get tired of
  4. tayoism

    What's Your Favorite song/Artist at the moment?

    Honestly, for me, I'm torn between 'Runaway' by TXT and 'Horizon' By ATEEZ.