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  1. maruberry

    Who is your favourite Aespa member pre-debut

    As the title says! As of rn, which member is your favourite? Ofc it's kinda early to call a bias just yet, but still! Who has caught your eye the most? For me it's Giselle! Her pre-debut meme life, her being a rapper and I just LOVE her visuals!
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation Gimme your favourite pic/gif of your ult idol

    I wanna see the best of your faves! Here are my fave pics of my ult idols!
  3. blurryface

    your favourite book?

    mine is the book thief. it was definitely perfect! if you like reading books and didnt read that book yet GO AND BUY IT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR what is your favourite book :pepelook:
  4. Danee

    Appreciation You probably never heard about this 2019 bop

    Loca is one of the songs which would become instant hits if more known group (lets say G-Idle) released them.