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  1. Nobody4444

    Movie "Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms" - New Chinese mainland live-action movie adaptation of the Chinese classic novel "Investiture of the Gods"

    9 September 2023 CREATION OF THE GODS I: KINGDOM OF STORMS Official Trailer | In Theaters September 22
  2. BlackpinkINSync

    Watching a flick with a close friend tomorrow

    I hope the cinema looks better. It was stuck in the 90's last time I saw it before the re modelling 22 dollars a ticket and one hasn't even bought snacks ugh
  3. BlackpinkINSync

    Appreciation Been watching Asian films again, (subbed) like when I was a teen

    It feels great to get back into something, I used to do with dad as a youth. We used to tape or record Chinese subbed movies and binge em the next day. I have watched 3 Asian films so far and reviewed. Are you in Love 2020 (Korea) You and I 2019 (Korea/Vietnam) Love in Magic 2005 (Korea)...
  4. perhapz

    Game Have you watched the movie/TV series above?

    It's simple, you name a movie or a TV series and the person below has to say if he/she have seen it and then name another movie/series for the person below, and it goes from there. So I'll start: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them