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  1. Abeamus

    Tourney Fingertip vs Memoria - Gfriend Tournament

    This is the final round and here in the 1st match we have the winless Fingertip vs current 4th place Memoria which a win here could make it tied for 3rd or even 2nd place Navillera vs Rough Glass Bead vs Me Gustas Tu Sunrise vs Time For The Moon Night
  2. Abeamus

    Tourney Fingertip vs Me Gustas Tu - Gfriend Tournament

    We're now reaching the closing stages of the tournament with only 2 rounds left the table is starting to shape up and these songs are currently both winless so this round ensures one of them will get one win, will it be tang tang tang Fingertip or Me Gustas Tu su tu ru ru Navillera vs Sunrise...
  3. Abeamus

    Tourney Fingertip vs Rough - Gfriend Tournament

    With only 3 rounds left Round 5 kicks off with the winless Fingertip vs the undefeated Rough, will Fingertip be able to upset Rough or will the streak live on Glass Bead vs Memoria Navillera vs Time For The Moon Night Me Gustas Tu vs Sunrise
  4. Abeamus

    Tourney Fingertip vs Glass Bead - Gfriend Tournament

    Round 4s kick off match is Fingertip vs Glass Bead in a tie breaking match of not so epic proportions considering they are both 0 wins 2 losses and 1 draw at the moment Rough vs Time For The Moon Night Memoria vs Sunrise Me Gustas Tu vs Navillera
  5. Abeamus

    Fingertip vs Sunrise - Gfriend Tournament

    The first match of round 3 features the song that is on a slow walk with 2 losses Fingertip facing off against the running start into slight jog with 1 win and 1 upcoming loss Sunrise Me Gustas Tu vs Time For The Moon Night Glass Bead vs Navillera Memoria vs Rough
  6. Abeamus

    Tourney Fingertip vs Navillera - Gfriend Tournament

    The first match of round 2 features militaryfriend versus rollerskatingfriend with Fingertip going into this round as the underdog losing in the 1st round against Navillera which is dominating its 1st round opponent. Me Gustas Tu vs Memoria Rough vs Sunrise Glass Bead vs Time For The Moon Night
  7. Abeamus

    Tourney Fingertip vs Time For The Moon Night - Gfriend Tournament

    Here is the first match of the Gfriend tournament featuring a song that will surely tang tang tang at your heart versus a melancholic bop sure to evoke emotion from you Glass Bead vs Sunrise Rough vs Me Gustas Tu Memoria vs Navillera
  8. Riasama

    Appreciation On this day 2 years ago a LEGENDARY BOP was released

    TANG TANG TANG FINGERTIP 2 YEARS AGO A LEGENDARY BOP WAS RELEASED Fingertip was GFRIEND's 5th title track and showed everyone that GFRIEND isn't "just" cute and innocent, but also POWERFUL and FIERCE. Fingertip obtained a total of 2 wins on musicshows and it obtained everyone's heart and...