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  1. Kedon

    News Your daily dose of happiness~

    Last month, a suicidal man who's indentity is unknown had planned on taking his life. Just seconds before he planned to take his life, an officer, with the name of Officer Little, is being deemed as a hero for saving this man's life. The unknown man had climbed a fence on a bridge above Highway...
  2. Kedon

    News Your daily dosage of happiness~

    According to the World Health Organization, child mortality rates have gone down drastically since ever recorded. This could be because of increase in proper medical treatement, but may also be a result of society's persistent attempts to end child labor. Whatever the reason may be, the changes...
  3. Kedon

    Your daily dosage of happiness~

    A study done by Time magazine claims that overall cancer rates have gone down by 25% since 1991! As scientists and researches have been researching this topic intensely for many years, this news is groundbreaking not only to them, but to those directly or indirectly affected by cancer. However...