1. marublade

    Post a group (or an idol) and I will tell you why they are flops!

    Literally any group or any idol! All idols have some flop in them, so I will do my best to bring out the flop side of them! Flopping is nothing to be ashamed of and we should accept that side in our favorite idols! GIVE ME THOSE FLOPS!!!
  2. marublade

    Flop-flop floppidy flop!

    Since our dear queen @MonCherry has chosen me as the flop to succeed her, I shall do my best on my duty to flop! Flop-flop Flippidy-flappidy flop Flopping to the drop Dropping to the flop Flip-flop I dropped the flop What a flop She dropped the flop Flip-flop Flop-flip She's a flop