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#flop flop flop

  1. baekk

    The Floppiest ANON- Baekk + FANCY

    Baekk & FANCY's ANON ~Ask us anything~ [click here for a disaster of an anon] 💛💚💙💜 Random TAGS: @FANCY @Soleski @kuroyuri @wayvoutsold @Mayah @AtinySTAYMonbebe @deadstar @maruif @blueberries @blurryface
  2. baekk

    I Reached 3k posts & 9k Likes~

    :queen::queen::queen: I finally reached 3k posts & 9k likes I wanna thank my Kings and Queens, @kuroyuri @wayvoutsold @Mayah @Reo and most of all, @Soleski For being the best wifey ~Thank you @Ireneisbaee, for loving RV and giving me so many likes~ @FANCY for finally joining KPS Also, I...
  3. baekk

    How's your day/night?

    Mine.....My day is going horrible, I started going to uni again and it's already a mess. My teacher gave us a HUGE assignment with 116 questions due in two days, SEND HELP~
  4. baekk

    I'll join the club...

    Buddy Meter...Don't flop:yolk::yolk:*click picture^^